Dr. Torben Nicolai Buch

specialist in family medicine / general practice
speciallæge i almen medicin

Welcome to the clinic!


Dr. Torben Buch har taken over Dr. Kim Schoubye's practice from 01.02.2019.


Falkonervænget 3, 2. tv, 1952 Frederiksberg C

Tlf: 3536 8118  Online: web Self-service or apps: MitHelbred (android/iphone) MinLæge (android/iphone)


Our online Self-service (in Danish, but usable with the translation function in your browser) can be used to:

  • make an appointment
  • renew prescriptions
  • send and receive short messages to/from the clinic

You must phone the office if you need urgent medical assistance, and/or need help from us the same day


Opening hours

  • Consultation by appointment only: 12-18 on Wednesday, 08-16 other weekdays
  • Phone the doctor: weekdays 08-09
  • Phone the clinic: 12-16 on Wednesday, 08-13 other weekdays
  • If you need urgent medical assistance outside our telephone hours (or if we are closed for the day), call us to be referred to another clinic